In 1900 Edward and Ethyl Carrow ran a small dry goods store in northern Michigan. He sold pickles, flour, and crackers in barrels and she sold thread and material by the yard. In 1966 their son, Jim Carrow and his wife Edith and sons Jim and Ed, moved from Grand Rapids to Farwell to start their own business. They rented a small store downtown and began their new life. 54 years later their son Ed and wife Jody are in their own store three miles west of town. They work along side their children, Stacie and Matt Baldwin and Mark and Katie Carrow and some really great associates. They have been serving their community happily and hope to be doing so for many more years to come. Hopefully with the help of Edward and Ethyl's four great-great granddaughters the grocery life will roll on. So come on in and see what four generations of hard working Michiganders look like.

Front of Carrows Supermarket